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What is a wake up / reminder call?
  A wake up / reminder call is a call to the number you provide with the message content you choose.  Our service dials your phone number, waits for you to pick up, and then plays your desired message.
What happens if the line is busy?
  If your number is busy, Wakeupcalls.net waits and tries again in 1 minute.  Wakeupcalls.net will continue to try to call this busy line for 10 minutes.
What happens if there is no answer?
  Wakeupcalls.net wants to contact you, so we will wait 1 minute and then call back - We will continue to do this for up to 10 minutes or until there is an answer.
What is a snooze?
  A Wakeupcalls.net snooze works just like an alarm clock snooze.  You press any numeric button on your phone after hearing the wake up message and Wakeupcalls.net will call you back in 10 minutes.
Why do we use PayPal as a billing solution?
  Quite simply, we use PayPal as a billing solution because they are #1 in their field.  They are a very reliable service with great support and encryption.  PayPal is not only the best at what they do but they also allow the following flexibilities:

1.) Faster Sign ups - If you are already a PayPal member all you have to do to sign up is complete the PayPal transaction.  Paypal instantly notifies Wakeupcalls.net and we email you with your password and account information.

2.) Provides protection for our customers - The internet is a scary place with lots of fly-by-night companies.  Paying through PayPal ensures you that we have been verified by PayPal.

3.) PayPal provides our customers with a completely FREE service.  There is never a surcharge to purchase items or services using PayPal.

4.) Provides customers an easy out - With many of our competitors, if you are not happy with their service you have to contact them by phone or email to discontinue your service.  This can take days.  Our integration with PayPal you can quit instantly at anytime without having to contact with us.  Simply go to https://paypal.com, log in and cancel your payment.  PayPal will immediately stop payment and we will be notified.

If this is not enough to convince you, please view all their awards.

How do I cancel?
  Simply login at https://paypal.com and cancel payment.  If you did not use Paypal, simply email us and we will cancel your subscription within 24-48 hours.  We want this to be a simple procedure but we do not want you to have to cancel.  If you have a problem please contact us and we will make the situation better for you.  We believe the customer is ALWAYS right.
How do I become a PayPal member?
  When you subscribe to Wakeupcalls.net you automatically become a member of PayPal. There is only one form to fill out. Once you subscribe to Wakeupcalls.net you can then use your PayPal account on many other sites, including eBay.
Will your service ever not call me when I schedule a call?
  We hope not.  We are in the wake up / reminder call business and if we fail to make a call to you then are not succeeding at our mission.  We pride ourselves on some of the best uptimes in the business, but NO service on the internet can guarantee 100% uptime.  Wakeupcalls.net uses redundancy ensure reliability.  We believe that the best business model is to accept that failure can occur and be prepared for it by having backup systems.  We maintain multiple sites at different locations to prevent downtime.  In the event of an internet outage and phone outage occurring at one of our locations, our system will make the best attempt to call you as soon as possible.  We also will not charge you for any delayed calls.  If you feel you scheduled a call and did not receive it, please contact us immediately and we will resolve the problem.
Can I only send calls to one number?
  No, you are welcome to use multiple numbers.
What if I cannot remember my password?
  Use this form and your password will be emailed to you.
Do you limit us to one call per day?
  No.  We want you to use all your plan's calls when you want to use them.
What is your privacy policy?
  Wakeupcalls.net does not sell, trade, or give away any information gathered on the Wakeupcalls.net website.
What are rollover calls?
  Many times users will have a couple of extra calls left over one month and need a couple more the next. We try to solve this problem by carrying up to 15 unused calls forward every month.
I have a question you did not answer!
  Email us and let us impress you with our response time!
No information gathered on this site will be sold or shared by Wakeupcalls.net
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