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What can we do for you? 
Wake up Calls
  Personal - If you need a call in the morning to get you out of bed, we are the solution for your personal needs!  Much simpler and more reliable than an alarm clock, Wakeupcalls.net allows you the choice of how to be greeted after your rest.  With so many different choices of wake ups you are guaranteed a new experience every day!
  Buddy - Your account at Wakeupcalls.net can be used to wake up or remind a friend of an event.  There is no additional charge to wake up your buddy!
  Business - Do you have a great employee that can never make it in the door on time?  You can ensure that your employees do not have an excuse as to why they did not make it to work on time by purchasing a wake up plan for them.  The low fee is well worth the comfort that your business is started on time!
Reminder Calls
  Medical Reminders - Prescription pills are a pain to remember, but with Wakeupcalls.net remembering, when to take your medicine is so simple.  Just schedule a drug reminder call and you will never miss your medication again. 
  eBay Reminders - If you are a serious eBayer who likes to wait until the last minute to place your bids, Wakeupcalls.net is the reminder solution for you.  A ring of the phone will get you to stop what you are doing and complete the eBay bid.
  Birthday/Anniversary/Special Event Reminders - Do not let the big day slip by; use Wakeupcalls.net to schedule a reminder call for any special occasion.
  Party Reminders - Having a backyard barbeque?  Want to make sure everyone is on time but you do not want to get stuck on the phone for hours?  Give your guests a personalized party reminder!
  LIMITLESS! - Wakeupcalls.net can be used in any situation where a reminder call is necessary!
Corporate Calls
  Group Calling - We can meet your company's calling needs, whether it is to remind employees that Friday is Hawaiian shirt day or to tell your employees that there will be a board meeting.  We can customize group rates for your company; nothing is too big or too small! 
  Confirmation Calls - Need to make sure that a person received his message?  With our confirmation call you can be sure that a live person heard the entire message.  This works great for applications like appointment reminders or confirming meetings.
  Satisfaction Polling - After delivering a product to a customer, wouldn't it be great to know what they think about it?  This is easily a possibility with our poll calling.  We can set up a phone survey unique for your company so you can increase sales by increasing your customers' satisfaction!
  And much more!  Just tell us your need and we will come up with a solution.
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